Jeff “Dr. Riptide” Farthing | Wine Director

Jeff “Dr. Riptide” Farthing is an exclusive California winemaker. He has made wine from Madera County-to-Shenandoah Valley in Amador-to-Napa Valley-to-Lodi, and is a partner and the Director of Winemaking at Purple Corduroy. He was the first person in U.S. history to receive a M.S. in Viticulture & Enology from CSU Fresno in 2004. Jeff’s study on high sugar fermentations with commercially available yeast strains has been published in scientific journals and presented at conferences and symposiums serving the wine and grape industry. He was selected to serve as a panelist at the 2011 International Wine Microbiology Symposium as well as the 2011 Zinfandel Advocates & Producers (ZAP) Festival’s “Flights Event.” Jeff has been a part of winemaking teams developing award-winning wines, including the world’s largest and most prestigious wine competition, San Francisco International Wine Competition, which includes many Gold, Double Gold and Best of Class honors.

Jeff Farthing was born at South Coast Hospital in Laguna Beach, Ca. on June 30th, 1970. His father, James Farthing, was a dentist in the Navy, where he met Steve Chew, father of the renowned “SLi Dawg” (a.k.a. Steven Chew). The families have remained close friends through the years with many travels and good times, having fostered a friendship for the ages in which stories are re-lived over a glass of wine or two…

“Our mission of promoting friendship and positivity in the wake of the laughter, ocean, song and love is a natural cause. The effects are even better!”


Steven “SLi Dawg” Chew | Creative Director

SLi Dawg grew up in the artistic surf community of Laguna Beach with both creative juices and salt water flowing through his veins. From an early age it was evident that young Steven possessed a special artistic talent which also translated well in the ocean, accomplishing much as an amateur surfer while a member of the famed NSSA National Team from 1987-89. The dawg-eat-dawg world of competitive surfing really wasn’t SLi’s bag baby so, after high school he headed to San Diego State University to pour his creative energy into studying art and philosophy. Since that time SLi has served as a surf ambassador for many of the top action sports brands; they commission him for his artistic abilities as well. During the late 90s, SLi joined a new team of famed individuals – the exclusive Tavi Boatmen, who serve as lifeguards and conduits of fun at the world-class surfing resort of Tavarua, Fiji.

SLi lives his ethos that “variety is the spice of life.” He is one the founders of TRKY clothing, helped spearhead The Soul Project, is an accomplished DJ, and has many other projects currently cooking up. A lover of travel who is always looking for the next great adventure, SLi gets inspiration from the road. While on the road through South America, Europe, Africa and America, his wine palette developed into a craving for what he calls the “elixir of life!” We are happy that SLi is now creating the artistic vibe as a partner of Purple Corduroy. His Red Siren label design for our Zinfandel speaks for itself as she flies off the bottle and into your glasses!

“Just keep living, laughing and loving, ’cause it’s not fun, unless it’s fun!”


Brandy “Brandavi” Faber | Director

A Laguna Beach native, Brandy spent his early years surfing and competing nationally as an amateur throughout the day-glow disco era of the 1980s. His 14 year professional career spanned from 1989-2003, and was highlighted by numerous sponsor advertisements, editorial photos, and penned surf journalism articles from around the globe. “As surfers, by default, you are placed in some of the best wine regions of the world; France, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, Chile and of course California. If the waves were bad while traveling, we’d always make a jaunt to the local wineries and enjoy their juice, which helped develop my love for wine!” Surfing adventures and wine tasting with his bros served as inspiration for Faber in the formation of Purple Corduroy.

Brandy has a strong marketing vision with extensive retail and brand management experience. He honed his skills while serving time in the trenches at the famed Laguna Surf & Sport and working with many of the biggest brands in the action sports industry. It’s “Business Brandy” by day, but once the wine is uncorked, “Fun Faber” pours out of the bottle! While on the initial Purple Corduroy re-con mission to Napa, his best friend and partner Steven “SLi Dawg” Chew came up with his wine industry nickname of “Brandavi” after many glasses of Red Siren served by Dr. Riptide!

“We make wine fun!”