2014 Rosé Siren - Syrah & Viognier Blend

2014 Rosé Siren - Syrah & Viognier Blend

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In order to complete the trilogy of the Siren Series, we decided that a rosé would be the perfect addition to compliment our Red and Blonde Siren’s. Rosé can be made in many styles and from a wide selection of grapes. A blend of 67 % Syrah and 33% Viognier is used to make our 2014 Rosé Siren.

The inspiration to use these grape varieties stems from Dr. Riptides son, Rhone, whose name was influenced by the good Dr.’s passion for wines produced in the Rhone region of France. Coincidentally, Purple Corduroy’s director of winemaking resides in the Lodi, CA wine appellation, where the Rhone grape varietals flourish to produce wines of excellent quality. There is a small appellation in the Rhone region of France known as Cote Rotie, where Syrah and Viognier are the only permissible grapes planted in the government controlled appellation renowned for the steep, rocky, mountain side vineyards translated to “The Roasted Slope” in English. Syrah and Viognier are often fermented together in Cote Rotie to make some of the world’s most sought after wine. It is because of this intricate connection of inspirational influences that Dr. Riptide selected Syrah and Viognier to make the Rosé Siren.

Describing this wine is pure pleasure. The color is as dazzling of any wine Dr. Riptide has created in his 16-years of wine making. A glowing intense pink accented with flashes of coral rose highlights.

There are aromas of strawberry candy, rhubarb jam and floral notes of rose hips plus the essence of violets.

In the palate, flavor’s of ruby red grapefruit, cranberry and pomegranate finish with flashes of lemon zest and green mango. Lively acidity keeps the action going.

The weight and texture of this creation is the result of Viognier’s full bodied nature and the finely finessed tannins from Syrah that were carefully managed during wine making by the early pressing of the Syrah grapes in fractions (sequential pressings of the same grapes at increasing pressures that are kept separate). The individual fractions were assessed and treated separately until Dr. Riptide was able to construct a blend of juices that he felt could deliver the results of a fine crafted wine.

“I brought out every trick in the book the make this wine. Inspired by life and made with experience. Enjoy! “-Jeff Farthing a.k.a. Dr. Riptide

Our 2014 Rosé Siren follows the “Lodi Rules” for sustainable wine making and its bottle carries the Certified Green seal of approval. When you drink a glass of Lodi Rules certified wine you are supporting a farmer, a vintner, and an entire agricultural community that embraces their responsibility to care for the environment and their neighbors.

The Lodi Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing is California’s original sustainable viticulture certification program. The Lodi Rules certification process is rigorous, based in science, voluntary, and third-party audited. Lodi Rules certified growers make up an innovative community with a history and commitment to farming quality winegrapes through the implementation of viticulture practices that balance environmental, social, and economic goals. The Lodi Rules was designed to communicate commitment to sustainable agriculture to wineries and the general public.

Cellared and bottled by Purple Corduroy in Lodi, California. Product of the USA.