The swell of an ocean is a powerful potion,

Follow it as it comes to land,
Watch it as you sit in the sand.

Perfect lines, steady on the rise, sets in motion, causing a commotion.

When witnessed you’ll see corduroy with your eyes,
And you’ll know that the perfect conditions have arrived.

Purple is the map when the ocean’s swelling,
Purple are the grapes swelling as they ripen on the vine.

Corduroy are the waves breaking relentlessly,
Corduroy are the rows in a vineyard full of vines endlessly.

It was time to create something new to be shared with friends for a few.
Get creative and attack, don’t let life hold you back!
Ride the Purple Corduroy to where you want to be on the land or in the sea!


Purple Corduroy is a California culture inspired company produced by The 3 Bromigos from Laguna Beach, California

Wines by Jeff “Dr. Riptide” Farthing
Art by Steven “SLiDawg” Chew
Directed by Brandy “Brandavi” Faber